A major collaboration promoting quality and consistency in NSW debating

Adjudicator accreditation has been discussed for some time and is now a reality thanks to the cooperation of six major debating competitions: Archdale, FED, GPS, ISDA, LND and SDN.

Additional competitions are welcome to become involved as we experiment with this initiative and test its efficacy in improving quality standards and stakeholder satisfaction across the schools debating community.

Adjudicators wanting to serve in the above competitions in 2023 are required to successfully complete this short course, which is being made freely available on a trial basis.

Why we all need this

  • Competitions

    Competitions need to show parents, students and other stakeholders that everything is being done to continuously improve the quality, consistency and integrity of adjudications.

  • Adjudicators

    Adjudicators who feel equipped with the latest best practices and supported as professionals can take their enjoyment of and performance in this mission critical role to new heights.

  • Students

    Students deserve access to the best possible adjudicators who can consistently transform a stressful competitive environment into a stimulating and memorable learning experience.

Adjudicator benefits

Beyond being able to adjudicate in the above competitions in 2023, active and aspiring adjudicators who join our learning community will benefit in various ways:

  • Watch the actual note-taking of experienced adjudicators while watching real debates and learn from their oral adjudications.

  • Download free resources prepared by experts including our first Adjudicator Manual, which you’ll receive at the end of this course.

  • Improve your professional practice as an adjudicator, measured by fewer complaints and/or more gratitude from students and parents.

Course curriculum

    1. About NSW Debating Accreditation

    2. About this course

    3. Getting to know you

    1. Introduction

    2. Training Debate Video

    3. Quick survey

    1. Introduction

    2. Accreditation Debate Video

    3. Assessment Survey

    1. Free Download: Adjudicator Manual v1

    2. Bye for now

About this course

  • Free
  • 11 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

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